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Department of Chemestry

  • Head of Department

Dr. Santosh V. Agarkar

  • Strength(UG)

  1. B.Sc Part | = 56
  2. B.Sc Part || = 35
  3. B.Sc Part ||| = 73

The department was established in 2010. The department has well equipped laboratory and qualified teaching and supporting staff. It conducts various activities like Inter-collegiate quiz competitions, exhibitions, short-term courses, workshops, industrial tours etc. for the development of students’ personality and improving their professional skills. The Department is planning to establish research centre for the Ph.D. research work and research which is useful to local society. The department has water quality testing and soil testing facility.

Chemistry Departmental Activities Photo Gallery

  • 1 Carrier Guidance Programmed which was held on 27 Dec. 2021
  • 2 Online National Conference in chemistry
  • 1 Environmental Consciousness Workshop which was held on 13 Dec 2021
  • 2 Poster Competition which was held on 28 Feb 2022
  • 1 Guest Workshop on water analysis which was held on 28 Feb 2022
  • 2 Celebration of World Water Day which was held on 22 March 2022
    • Departmental Activities
    1. Arranged Chapter wise test.
    2. Performed Chemistry project.
    3. Seminars were taken by students with the help of L.C.D
    4. Chemical Society

    • Research Paper Published
    Sr.No Name of Faculty No.of Research Paper Publishd
    1 Dr. Santosh V. Agarkar 50
    2 Mr. Satish V. Jadhao 12
    3 Mr. P R. Jagnit 10
    4 Ms. Rupali N. Kumare 02
    • Faculty
    Name of the Faculty Educational Qualification Designation Photo
    Dr. Santosh V. Agarkar M.Sc.,Ph.D.(Chemistry) M.Ed.,Ph.D. (Education) M.Tech., Ph.D.(Civil Engineering) Principal
    Prof. Satish.V. Jadhav M.Sc. M.Phil, B.Ed, SET Assistant Professor & Head
    Prof. Pawan R. Jagnit M.Sc.,NET,GATE Assistant Professor
    Miss. Runali N. Kumare M.Sc.,SET,GATE Assistant Professor/td>