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Department of Zoology

  • Head Of The Department

Dr. Sagar D. Dawada

  • Strength(UG)

  1. B.Sc Part | = 92
  2. B.Sc Part || = 45
  3. B.Sc Part ||| = 22

The department was established in 2009. The department has well equipped laboratories and qualified faculties. The Department regularly organizes Seminar, quiz competition, guest lectures, certificate courses in Vermicomposting and Advanced sericulture, workshop, exhibition, extension activities etc. for all round development of students and also to improve student’s professional skills and employability. The department continuously engaged in science popularizing programme and lectures.

Zoology Departmental Activities Photo Gallery

  • 1  Reformation of Zoologial society and guest lecture on Tiger conservation by Principal Dr. R. S. Virani, Associate Professor, Shivramji Moghe Mahavidyalaya Kelapur ,Pandharkawada on 29.07.19
  • 2  Guest lecture and Poster Competition guided by Dr. Ramjan. S. Virani, Associate Professor, Shivramji Moghe Mahavidyalaya Kelapur ,Pandharkawada, on 4/10/2019
  • 3  Guest Lecture on Diversity of Snake of Maharashtra, delivered by Dr. Navin Sharma Assistant Professor and Head Arts, Commerce and Science College Maregaon on 09/10/2019
  • 4  Guest Lecture on Physiology Of Heart by Dr.Ved Patki, Assistant Professor and Head Indira Gandhi Mahavidyalaya Kalamb on date 09/10/2019
  • 6  COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Awareness programme on the occasion of National woman’s day
    • Departmental Activities 
    1. Arranged Chapter wise Test.
    2. Arranged Study Tour.
    3. Performed Zoology project.
    4. Seminars taken by students with the help of L.C.D
    5. Zoological Society
    • Facuilty 
    Name of the Faculty Educational Qualification Designation Photo
    Dr. Sagar D. Dawada M.Sc. , B.Ed ,D.Pharm, Ph.D. Assistant professor & Head
    Prof. Ankush C. Ade M.Sc,NET Assistant professor.